For men, finding a unique style of dressing and accessorizing can be a key to building some of that Bevel Man confidence. It’s fine to dabble in trendiness when it comes to your fashion sense, true, but you’ll also wanna approach style in a way that sets you apart as a unique individual that doesn’t make a fashion statements simply because all the ‘cool kids are doing it’.

How do you get the best of both worlds and forge a style that’s classic, fresh, and unique to you? That’s exactly what we’ll be tackling today, looking at the best philosophies for you to employ when you want to break out of the ordinary and define your very own personal style, without having to keep up with the Jones’.

Embrace the Inevitable

The number one thing to remember about your personal style is that it will—if you’re committed to improving it—continue to evolve. Style and fashion are not static concepts, so whatever you decide upon today, be prepared to adapt tomorrow. It might feel daunting at first, thinking about having to switch things up, but once you accept it, the idea is more of a freeing journey than it is a terrifying one.

After a life change—new job, new relationship, new home—switching things up (wardrobe-wise) might be a necessity. The reasons might vary, from a confidence boost, budget changes, to fitting in with the new work crowd, etc., but once you master the art of change, it’ll come as a natural thing that doesn’t need to be a drag. Embrace the change. Keep it movin’, always.

Be Mindful of Your Lifestyle

Remember that your unique style isn’t just representative of you and what you do. It should also be tailored to reflect the way in which you get things done. As important as being stylish, your fashion sense should carry a dose of utility, making the maximum impact whether you’re doing your morning grooming routine, making a first impression, or anything in between.

Remember the phrase “dress for the job you want to have”? It’s a good one to think about when you weigh your current situation against your desired one and think about how your wardrobe will come into play. Where are hanging out for the majority of the time, what the dominant fashions there, and what kind of impression are you trying to have?

Maybe you’re a fitness guy and it makes more sense to incorporate work trousers that have a bit of stretch to adapt to your increased body mobility. Or maybe you have flat feet, so you need to wear comfy sneakers at all times, to which all your clothes would have to pair nicely with.

Style fails when the lifestyle doesn’t match the clothes, so be honest with yourself here and take your fashion choices to heart.

Control Your Own Tempo

Style does not develop in a vacuum, and you’ve likely heard all the pertinent phrases related to discovering inspiration. After all, “what’s new is old, and what’s old is new,” and the like. You’ll need to turn your attention to the fashion-forward in your immediate circle, along with some of the biggest style icons around the world at large.

Taking notes from your best-dressed friends shouldn’t be a tall order, but what of identifying more famous fashion influencers and those you’ve yet to discover? For this, your best bet is that app that women are obsessed with (and for good reason): Pinterest.

Don’t get it twisted though, fellas – a few searches in Pinterest, and you’ll have more ideas than you know how to handle. Organize your thoughts, then start adapting what you’ve found to fit you. Instagram Collections and menswear online shops are also amazing resources to gather some solid inspo. It’s one thing to just jump on to trends according to what big brands dictate, and it’s another thing to seek those trends out for yourself to see what fits your actual preferences. It takes effort, but at the end of the day, you’ll be the curator of your own world.

Audit Your Wardrobe

Once you’ve decided on your ideal looks and what you’ll need to bring it together, you’ve gotta weigh out what you have and don’t have. Do a deep dive into your closet/dresser to do an audit of what you have (Goodwill, Facebook Marketplace, or an impromptu yard sale might be a good way to dispose of what you no longer need). Make piles for things to keep, things to ‘maybe’ keep, and things to ditch/donate. (A guideline you could follow is that if you haven’t worn it in one or two years, toss it in the donation pile!) When you dwindle it all down, you should have plenty of room for your wardrobe to upgrade and evolve.

Be a Renaissance Man

Now comes the fun part: get out there and find those missing pieces of your newly established style palette. Go for those outlandish colorways and patterns that you’d previously avoided. Keep an eye out for those slim-fit wool chinos that have a more modernized cut than all your other pants. And most importantly, step out of your comfort zone and into something that makes you feel like a completely new and improved version of yourself. This is the modern Bevel man, personified.