Words by Tyrus Townsend
Image via: LA Weekly

Looks like the printed shirt phase decided to hang around for yet another season. Cheeky and a little bit trippy, these vacation frocks are the ultimate warm-weather go-to staple. They’re different from your standard button-down with a more relaxed neckline that defines the casualness of the garment. Whether it’s a traditional Hawaiian print, surrealist screen-printed pattern or a typical old school bowling league style, you’ll begin to feel like a weird, awesome trifecta of a streetwear stud, a rock star, and that cool retiree pops from around the way. Summer is officially on and poppin’ so it’s the perfect time to get a little adventurous…

Here are seven Bevel-approved ways to style your camp collar shirts, no matter the occasion.

How To Style For A Music Festival

Stand out in a sea of millennials with a bold and loud print, like what you’ll see with Original Penguin Birds of Paradise. Offset with a pair of ripped shorts, white socks, bandana in your left back pocket, and a pair of high top Chuck Taylors to seal the look of a veteran festival concert goer.

How To Style For Your Next Date

Impress her without being obnoxious with an understated small-striped pattern. An option like this, from Zara, can be easily dressed up by layering under a lightweight suede jacket. Opt for a camel color (if you don’t have one pull out your trusty black leather jacket) and slip on a pair of dark denim, minimal light-colored trainers, and a newspaper boy hat.

Bonus: If it gets chilly out, use the coat to drape over her shoulders. Welcome to the gentlemen’s club.

How To Style For A Street Style Photo Op

The richness of the patterns and prints from this Coach option could mesh well for a photo op with a pair of side-striped trousers, black sock boots, minimal fanny pack, and simple black Warby Parker-esque sunnies. Stuntin’ on that next level and ready for the flashing lights…

How To Style For The Front Row at NYFW

No loose fitting trousers over here! If you want to be considered one of the cool, downtown kids, dabble in a piece from Carlos Campos. A pick like this longs for attention from its dream companion: a well-tailored navy suit. You will never have to dress down so slip on a pair of leather loafers, a vintage watch, and a thin coat wallet and you’ll be feelin’ like you upgraded from second to front row. Note: this is grown man attire.

How To Style For A Tropical Summer Wedding

Cancun. Hawaii. Dominican Republic. If you don’t want to waste time fiddling with a necktie, opt for a Liam Satin Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt from UO. Constructed out of satin, which is our version of silk, the hues and stripes give off a summertime, neo-relaxed vibe, and when paired with a tan-colored cotton suit, it’ll look like you spent hella time putting this outfit together. Don’t forget to pack a pair of flip-flops, red canvas sneakers, shades and plenty of sunblock. Note: No dress shoes will ever be worn with this outfit. EVER.

How To Style For A Backyard BBQ

This is pitmaster apparel. Some dudes could wear this shirt while riding skateboards or running along the beach, but we also prefer this Polynesian fit by Levi’s for flipping burgers and tossin’ the frisbee in the backyard. Pair with acid wash denim, printed socks, and checkered Van Slip-Ons to complete the ultimate gentleman’s chill out uniform. Note: Purchase one size up for a relaxed, breezy fit. #notightshirtshere

How To Style For A Non-Bowling Night Out With The Bros

This is a budget option for the traditional sportsman to sport while kicking back a couple of brewskies with the bros (hopefully no one mistakes you for the leader of a bowling league). The wide black and white stripes pairs well with a slick pair of tailored khakis, classic Vans, round metal sunglasses from Ray-Ban and the infamous silver chain wallet (in your back not front pocket) for a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll. People brag about how hard they work, but this summer, you can clap back and brag about how hard you chill.