Words by Brian Wilder

Some of us don’t have the luxury of being able to break out the bubble coats and boots once the seasons change. If you live in an area where fall temperatures may not hit until later in the year, the season may seem more swaggerless than most. There are ways, though, to experience peak fall without sweating your ass off. Aside from a fresh fade and healthy skin, here are the ways to stay and look cool for the season.

Invest in Smart Layers

Layers are pretty much the standard in the fall and vests are the perfect way to kick start the makings of the sartorial strata. If you feel a slight dip in area temperatures, throw on a vest or a lightweight windbreaker before walking out the door. Whether you prefer a goose down or denim, vests are sturdy enough to keep you warm when needed, but still inconsequential enough to be taken off with little tediousness.

Colors Count, Too

Much like patterns and fabrics, there are certain colors that tend to signify fall’s arrival, too. Burgundy, eggplant and olive green can be worn in virtually any way and you’ll seamlessly fit the fall aesthetic, even if you’re currently on your way to the beach.

Look the Way Fall Feels

Plaid, herringbone, corduroy, suede, and any materials with depth and texture are synonymous with the cooler seasons, so try incorporating a few of these fall-like patterns into warm-weather clothing. A textured pair of shoes or heavy-material t-shirt can be simple options that’ll help you look the part while still keeping your cool in temperate climates. Leather and nubuck are also options if you need your layers to be a little heavier than usual.

Think Thinner

You can still wear your favorite sweaters, pullovers and pants in warmer weather, but the trick is to think thinner. What we mean by this is instead of reaching for your favorite wool cable-knit sweater from the Keith Sweat Collection, opt for the lighter cotton one behind it. Keeping your clothing options on the slimmed-down side helps keep you stylish without breaking a sweat.

Living in a warmer-than-normal climate can be tricky sometimes, but you can still enjoy the idea of fall with the proper maneuvering.