Words by Corey Chalumeau

Enough with the mass-produced white, green, and blue-colored soaps, next time you’re in the soap aisle, reach for a bar or cleanser that actually provides tangible, real benefits. Here at Bevel Code, we’re co-signing black soap.

What’s Black Soap? Black Soap, also known as African Black soap is made from locally harvested plants and barks such as dried plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves and shea tree bark. This combination of ingredients nourish the skin with Vitamin A, E and Iron and, depending on the mixture, a high content of shea butter!

Why should I use Black Soap? Soap made with more natural ingredients tend to work better with individuals who have sensitive skin. This blend of superpower ingredients have long been known to heal acne, even out dark spots, relieve eczema, and reduce razor bumps. You know, pretty much every skin problem that plagues men of color.

Ready to give Black Soap a go? We got you. Here are 3 of the best black soaps you can buy.

The Best Facial Cleanser

Alaffia is a well-respected brand and offers products that are fair trade (so no funny business). The ingredients list is pretty straightforward: Shea butter and Virgin Palm Kernel Oil.


Alaffia – Liquid African Black Soap $8.95


The Best Exfoliation

Iconic, with natural exfoliants, the Dead Sea Mud will get you so fresh and so clean for a reasonable price. Use this scrub one to two times a week so as not to over-irritate your skin.

Erno Lazlo Black Soap

Erno Laszlo – Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar $45.00


The Most Affordable, all-around bar

Shea Moisture offers a good sized bar of black soap at a price that won’t hurt your pockets. Combine that with a notable track record and small oats for some much needed exfoliation, and this might become your go-to black soap.


Shea Moisture – African Black Soap $4.99