Women experience particular problems that result from shaving. Because the parts of the body that women generally shave, such as the legs, bikini area, and underarms, are all prone to dryness or irritation, women need to take especially good care of their skin if they choose to use this method of hair removal.

Side Effects of Shaving for Women

Most women experience some skin problems as a result of shaving. Legs are very prone to becoming dry and sore, while underarms can become easily irritated and sore. One particularly annoying problem that women experience is razor bumps around the bikini line, which can completely spoil the smooth look that women want to achieve in their swimsuits. Razor bumps occur because hairs start growing back into the skin, which then becomes inflamed, trapping the hair and forming an angry-looking red bump.

Benefits of Aloe-Based Shaving Cream

Aloe-based shaving creams contain sap from the aloe vera plant, which has been used for generations as a treatment for skin problems. Using one of these shaving creams can help reduce dryness, irritation and razor bumps thanks to the beneficial properties of aloe.

How does Aloe Reduce Skin Irritation?

Aloe vera is naturally moisturizing, so it is very effective at helping reduce skin dryness. In addition, aloe is a fantastic lubricant, and so shaving creams based on this ingredient allow the razor blade to glide smoothly limiting nicking or scraping the skin. The protective layer that aloe-based shaving creams apply to the skin helps reduce the risk of the razor cutting the hair under the skin, which is what causes hairs to become ingrown.

Aloe has anti-inflammatory effects, which means that aloe-based shaving creams can prevent irritated hair follicles from swelling up into big red razor bumps. This is fantastic news for women, who often struggle with razor bumps, rashes, and razor burn around the sensitive bikini area. Women who keep shaving skin that is already affected run the risk of causing more swelling or even developing an infection, so many women end up having to cover up until the bumps have healed and they can start shaving again.

Aloe-based shaving creams help to protect female skin during shaving. To further cut the risk of razor bumps, always shave in the direction of growth using a sharp blade.