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Changing the blade in a double-edge safety razor doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of razor that you have, as this will determine the process that you need to go through to replace your blade with a shiny new one. Three-Piece Safety… read more

Shaving with the grain is the best way to get a comfortable and close shave. Although shaving against the grain ensures that the hair is cut off very close to the skin, it increases the risk of razor bumps and skin irritation. Why is Shaving Against the Grain Harmful? When you shave against the grain,… read more

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Why do Black Men Get Razor Bumps? Men of all ethnicities can get razor bumps as a result of shaving, but black men seem to suffer from them more often than people of other races. Up to 80% of men who get razor bumps are black. As a result, black men need to be especially… read more


Razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae), or razor burn, are small bumps in the skin that develop after shaving. As well as looking like pimples, which can completely spoil the attractive clean-shaven look, razor bumps can also be sore. Over time, these seemingly minor shaving bumps can develop into permanent scar tissue. Causes of Razor Bumps Razor bumps… read more

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Razor bumps are red, and often itchy or painful. Although many men suffer from razor bumps, there are steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of them occurring. As well as carefully preparing the skin for shaving, administering treatment to soothe the skin after shaving is also important for preventing razor bumps. After-shave… read more

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Razor bumps are an uncomfortable and unsightly condition that affect many men. Once you have razor bumps, continuing to shave before they have healed can cause more skin irritation. The good news is that by making some small changes to the way you shave, you can prevent razor bumps from every developing. Using a pre-shave… read more

Many men suffer from both acne and razor bumps, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell the two conditions apart. Both razor bumps and pimples can appear as angry-looking red bumps on the cheeks, neck, and around the mouth. Many men suffer a great deal of embarrassment as a result of these facial blemishes,… read more

Most men’s grooming and shaving routines have become just that, routine. Most do not take the time to think if their current method of shaving is actually the best for them. The two main methods men use to shave are with electric razors and manual razors. There are distinct differences between the two and depending… read more

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In recent years, the trend has been for razor manufacturers to pack ever-greater numbers of blades into their razors. But if you are looking for a comfortable shave that helps reduce the risk of your face getting full with razor bumps, you might want to consider using fewer blades. Using a single-blade razor, in combination… read more

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which small areas of the skin become darker than the rest. Although anyone can be affected, African-American men are one of the groups that are most likely to suffer from this skin condition. Shaving can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation, particularly if you do not use the right shaving techniques… read more