Manual vs. Electric Razors

Most men’s grooming and shaving routines have become just that, routine. Most do not take the time to think if their current method of shaving is actually the best for them. The two main methods men use to shave are with electric razors and manual razors. There are distinct differences between the two and depending on your needs one will most likely be better than the other for you.

Electric Razors

They’re fast. This is typically the biggest benefit to electric razors. There’s no set up, creams, and minimal cleaning so it’s easy to just turn on your razor, shave, and be done. They sometimes even have trimmers attached to them which makes lining up beards and hair edges pretty fast as well.

Some of the downsides include the fact that your shave just won’t be as close as you want it to be; you’ll pretty much never have that smooth shaved look. Also, as the name implies, you will always need a source of electricity somewhere nearby; getting caught half way through your shave with a dead razor is never fun.

Manual Razors

Manual razors will help give you a closer shave than electric razors. Because of this, they take a little more practice to use than electric, and during that time you’re bound to get a few nicks and cuts. Once you’re gotten the hang of it though you’ll be able to have a closer shave for longer.

The biggest drawback is the prep time required for a manual razor, which usually involves at a minimum shaving cream, though may also include pre shave oil and after shave lotion (insider tip: you’ll probably find the extra prep is actually beneficial to your skin and a big net positive). Within manual razors there’s actually single blade double edge razors and multiple blade razors, which have big differences; we’ll get to those in a later article.

Our Recommendation

Unless you’re always pressed for time, we recommend manual razors; they don’t pull at the hair as much, give a closer shave, and help avoid issues like razor bumps. Shave with the grain though. Specifically we recommend the single-blade, double-edge safety razors, which has the added benefit of making you feel like you’re shaving the way your grandfather use to.

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