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With the popularity Bevel’s single-blade safety razor is receiving, you’re probably asking yourself, can I use it to shave my head. The answer is yes. There are however, a few things you’ll need to understand to make using it as simple and clean as possible. If you thought your face was sensitive territory, your scalp is too.… read more

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The bald look is becoming very popular, with many young men choosing to shave their heads for a striking and attractive style. Shaving one’s head can lead to many of the same issues as facial shaving, such as razor bumps, skin dryness and irritation, and small nicks or cuts. Using a quality double-edge safety razor… read more

It’s pretty obvious to most people that black men’s hair is different, both in look and feel.  It should then come as no surprise that our hair care should be different as well.  Let’s take a look at the reasons. It’s Dry We’ve all heard that black hair in general is dryer than other hair,… read more

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Most of us own a pair of clippers, whether it’s for our facial hair, a quick line up, or anything else. It’s important to keep these clean since a nasty pair of clippers on your face just isn’t a good look. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your clippers will also make sure they last, which means spending… read more