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Razors can be one of the most handy tools for keeping up neat appearances – but if you’ve thought that all razors are create equal, then you better think again! In reality, there are several different kinds of razors which deliver different results and require different processes. Two of the most popular are the straight… read more

All men want to get the closest shave possible, but they also want to avoid razor bumps, which are a common skin problem caused by shaving. Fortunately, it is possible to get a close shave without razor bumps by following the tips outlined below. Use a Single-Blade Safety Razor, Not a Cartridge Razor Modern multi-blade… read more

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Many men who shave regularly know the frustrations that come with getting razor bumps – hairs that remain inside the hair follicle and begin growing into the skin. These ingrown hairs often appear as angry red bumps which can spoil the smart look of a freshly shaven face. Razor bumps (also called razor burn) are… read more

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We like to use pre-shave oil when we shave. It works Here’s why: Have sensitive skin or prone to irritation after the shave? You should eventually be using it too. Pre-shave oil helps softens your beard so that the razor can more easily cut through the hairs. Next time you get to the store to stock… read more

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We cosign aloe-based shave creams. If you’ve been reading some of our posts, you’ll know the type of razor you use makes a real difference to the quality of your shave, but the choice of shaving cream can be just as important. For men who suffer from skin irritation as a result of shaving, then… read more

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Traditionally, a man’s post-shaving routine was to splash some alcohol-based aftershave on their skin and head off to their day at work. What your skin really craves after shaving is moisture, so splashing on a product that will only dry your skin out further is a bad idea. A better approach is to use a… read more