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What do most women look for in a shaving tool to remove unwanted hair? Most women want anything that’s fast, easy, and 99.9% pain free. The problem is that not a ton of tools on the market fall into that camp. But there is one that over the years has become less of a mystery and… read more

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The Bevel Shave System was designed for shaving coarse, curly hair… everywhere. Many women enjoy the smoother, clearer shaves that come with using a double-edge safety razor to shave their bikini line and pubic area. Here’s an easy-to-follow, guide to using the Bevel Shave System to reduce and prevent razor bumps in your intimate areas.… read more

Women experience particular problems that result from shaving. Because the parts of the body that women generally shave, such as the legs, bikini area, and underarms, are all prone to dryness or irritation, women need to take especially good care of their skin if they choose to use this method of hair removal. Side Effects… read more

Women’s razors come in all shapes and sizes, with scented moisturizing strips, ergonomic handles and flowers emblazoned along the sides. If you ask many women, however, their preferred shaving tool is a men’s double-edged safety razor. Why? It makes for a smoother, closer shave that is much more efficient and luxurious, especially for women with… read more