Can Women Use a Double-Edge Safety Razor to Shave?

Women’s razors come in all shapes and sizes, with scented moisturizing strips, ergonomic handles and flowers emblazoned along the sides. If you ask many women, however, their preferred shaving tool is a men’s double-edged safety razor. Why? It makes for a smoother, closer shave that is much more efficient and luxurious, especially for women with naturally thick or curly hair.

Safety razors, designed so that the cutting blade is encapsulated within a solid frame, are the norm today. The quality of these razors, however, is quite varied. Part of the reason that the double-edged safety razor provides a much smoother shave is the fact that it is not a true safety razor: the sharp blade is exposed enough from the frame so that it can remove hair directly from the surface of the skin. This feature makes these types of razors potentially dangerous, but with practice one can learn to control the blade.

Why Use a Single Blade?

Multi-blade razors can pull the hair out of the pore slightly before cutting it, which can often result in razor bumps, ingrown hairs and infections.

What Does this Mean for Women?

For women, shaving is a process that relates to several parts of the body – and these are often very delicate areas! For women struggling with constant razor bumps and skin irritation from shaving, the single-blade double-edged razor can be the next step towards the perfect shave.

Furthermore, using the type of blades that can be used with any model of razor means that women can finally cut down their shaving expenses and stop putting unnecessary plastic into the trash. For women of color, the gentle strokes needed to use a double-edge safety razor will not only provide a finer, closer shave, but less discoloration of the skin after shaving.

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