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  • Save Your Money

    Get a 3-month supply at a fraction of the price than buying individually.

  • Save Your Time

    No cashiers. No lines. Get products delivered right to your door every 3 months.

  • Save The Environment

    Cut down on waste with fewer shipments and trips to the store.

  • How It Works

    1. Get your Bevel Starter Kit with 3 months of product and our breathtaking Bevel Razor and Bevel Brush.
    2. Follow instructions for the best shave of your life. Get compliments. Feel great. Repeat.
    3. In 3 months, more Priming Oil, Shave Cream, Restoring Balm and Razor Blades will arrive. Have another 3 months of bliss.

    What You Get

    Safety Razor
    Shave Brush
    Only in your first shipment
    20 Blades
    Restoring Balm
    Priming Oil
    Shave Cream

    Repetition is Key

    Shaving every other day doesn’t just keep you so fresh and so clean, it’s also the key to helping minimize irritation and razor bumps. That’s why the Bevel Subscription gives you the perfect amount of product to maintain a healthy regimen.

    Commitment Free

    We’re so confident in our products that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Cancel any time, but you probably won’t want to.

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  • "Great shave kit! The priming oil & restoring balm scents are great, but not overwhelming; the blades are simple to replace, and– most importantly– the kit comes with a clear guide of do’s and don’ts that address doubts and reduce razor bumps. I recommend it for men in general!"


  • "As a woman, I’ve always had problems with ingrown hairs on my underarms. I was shopping for products when I decided to try the Shave System. Best decision I Ever Made! It's the first system I’ve been able to use that doesn’t break me out. Must have for any girl’s beauty regime."


  • "Loved every part of it. The priming oil felt amazing and the shave cream felt solid. Loved the restoring cream at the end. I've always mixed witch hazel with alcohol (50/50) and used this after I shave but I think I prefer their take on this type of deal more than my own."