"Good Enough" Wasn't Good Enough

The power to take yourself from “needs some work” to “the best face in the room” is all about what’s in your toolbox.

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For too long, men with coarse, curly hair haven’t been given the best tools to shave with confidence. From skin irritation to razor bumps to a lack of holistic shaving systems, there have always been more problems than solutions available. After years of dealing with these issues himself, our founder Tristan Walker knew the only way to fix these problems was to reimagine a classic way of shaving.

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"Bevel was born with one mission: to provide superior grooming specifically designed for you."

Tristan Walker, CEO, Walker & Company

Rooted in the history of grooming, we set out to create a shave system that wasn’t just “good enough.” We wanted excellence. We knew that you deserved better and that all men, regardless of ethnicity, deserved an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional shave every time they got in front of the mirror.

Shaving is more than a rite of passage, it’s a simple act that can change your entire day. Our guiding design principle centers on creating quality products that you can use every day with confidence. From rigorous clinical testing to in-depth surveys and focused design, we leave nothing to chance with Bevel. Everything we offer provides a simple, but refined experience that’s as timeless as it is effective.

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Looking Back To Our Roots

The power to take yourself from “needs some work” to “the best face in the room” is all about what’s in your toolbox.

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When you walk down the shaving aisle, it feels like most brands want you to use a multi-blade razor. But when it comes to your unique needs, this is often a critical error. That’s due to design. Multi-blade razors can pull hairs and can cut below skin level. While this may work for other hair types, this type of cartridge razor can cause irritation and painful razor bumps.

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“To break the cycle of having to choose a subpar shaving experience out of necessity, we reengineered the classic single-blade safety razor.”

Tristan Walker, CEO, Walker & Company

Take a look at photos from 100 years ago. See how no one has razor bumps, and yet they're all clean shaven? The answer, again, is design. Single-blade safety razors are made to cut hair at skin level — less tugging, less pulling and less irritation. This helps prevent coarse, curly hair from growing back as razor bumps by growing back beneath the skin. Using just a single blade and supporting techniques, safety razors employ simple ideas that have powerful results for your skin. Equally functional and beautiful, The Bevel Razor is our legacy — an ode to the power of combining history and ingenuity for the greater good of your everyday routine.

The Bevel Razor
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It’s a Group Effort

Crafted with a holistic approach, each product in our five-part system is designed to provide you with a better way to treat your skin.

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Pursuing Perfection

We combined art and science to create the future,
Introducing the Bevel Trimmer.

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In 2015, we knew it was time to push the culture forward with the introduction of the Bevel Trimmer. The tools we used to love hadn’t kept up with the times, so we combined art and science to create the future. Through the process, we invented a new way to adjust sharpness, guarantee cordless power and learned how to house it all in a perfectly weighted body. It’s so unbeatable that GQ named it their 2016 Trimmer of the Year. It’s the best of the best by design, adding simplicity and style to every cut you’ll use it for.

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Looking to
The Future

Our purpose is to make health and beauty simple for people of color.

Discover Walker & Company

At Walker & Company Brands, we deeply believe in legacies, both for what they can teach us and for how we can build our own. Consider us your trusted partner, ready to help and upgrade your grooming routine every time you decide to freshen up. To learn even more about us and the Walker & Company Brands family, visit our site.

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