Razor Blades

Double-edged Blades

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Stay sharp. Designed specifically to glide across your skin with minimal friction to cut at skin level to help prevent razor bumps. Polished to perfection, these double-edged blades handle the coarsest of hairs while helping to reduce nicks and tugs. Includes 10 blades.

Packaging may vary.


To insert a new blade, hold the Bevel Razor head with one hand and twist the handle counterclockwise. Remove the bottom plate from the razor head and then drop a fresh blade onto the pegs of the razor head. Then place the bottom plate back over the blade with the side walls facing upward. Hold the top and bottom of the head with your thumb and index finger, insert handle back into the head and twist clockwise.


Every Bevel Razor Blade box includes a compartment for used blades. You can put them there, or in another safe place before disposing. If you've damaged the lid to your box, please be sure to tape it shut so that the blades stay inside the box.