Simple. Classic. Timeless. These cuts have withstood the test of time and look good on just about any hair texture and face shape.  Rock them in their traditional form or add your own intrigue with a subtle design or a part.


Low cut and even all around, the ceasar is the epitome of ease. This style works well for all textures and lengths of hair. Whether you want a #1 (barely there) or a #4 (lots of texture), the key with keeping this style on point (as with all cuts) is a sharp line. If you want to mix it up and add personality, try adding a part.

360 Waves

Classic waves are a great way add texture to your style before growing your hair out to a natural.  The rumors are true, however that this style takes a solid amount of maintenance.  Have your barber keep your hair trimmed to a #2 for optimal wave length and then follow these instructions to keep your style up on your own.


Since the 80’s we’ve been seeing clippers being used to cut hair into a design. With this style, the entire head becomes your canvas. Your only limitation is creativity and selecting a talented barber to create your vision. Ranging in style from geometric to more organic, designs create a unique, one-of-a-kind and often irreplicable style. For an even more dramatic style, add a design to one part the head, such as the bottom of a flat top.


Keeping it clean is always a good look. A clean, shaved head takes a steady hand and a bold attitude. There is literally nothing between you and the world. We recommend that you or your barber use the full suite of Bevel products to achieve this look.  Remember a fresh blade is best ever time.

Film by Jason Harper // Photography by Brandon King & Mari Sheibley // Words by Cassidy Blackwell // Models: Josuè Gamboa, Chris Martin, Pearl Taylor & Tosin Adesegha