Since the afro’s rise in popularity during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s followed by it’s subsequent decline in the 80’s and 90’s, the natural style has seen not only a significant comeback in recent years, but also an evolution.  The modern natural celebrates texture, shape and structure and comes in a variety of lengths and styles.

Structured Natural

Instead of wearing the traditional round afro, a structured natural style offers a modern take on the look. Angled sides and a side part work together with a bit of tapering to create the structured natural look that is at the same time free flowing yet technically advanced.


Coming to prominence in the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s, the afro is a style that makes a both a social and style statement. Maximize volume to compliment a defined shape by using a blow dryer to lengthen the hair from root to tip then use shears or a set of clippers to create an even shape all around the head.

Cropped Curls

Allowing hair to grow to about an inch strikes the perfect balance with a naturally textured freedom and the refinement of a fade.  Curls can be enhanced with a styling cream or a gel, but the key to keeping this style sharp is, as always, a fresh line.

Film by Jason Harper // Photography by Brandon King & Mari Sheibley // Words by Cassidy Blackwell  Models: Thierry Augustin, Omaar Antonio and Chaz Dawson