Take a look from classic to authentically you with the addition of a part.  A part anchors your overall look in a truly personalized style based on depth, placement and curvature.  From history to hip hop, parts are much more than just a simple line. Add your own part to a base style such as a Fade, Caesar or Waves.

Half Moon Part

Pioneered by hip hop legend Nas, the half moon part is steeped in music culture and urban history.  What distinguishes this part is not only its curved arc, but his ever-so-slight off center placement.

Evoking a vintage aesthetic, the side part adds an air of refinement and class to any style.  Place your side part anywhere from slightly off center and angling back to the more dramatic placement at your temple and perpendicular to your shoulder. An easy way to place your part, draw an imaginary line from your pupil to your eyebrow arch and into your hair line.

This style, which combines a Mowhawk and a Cutout, is one of the newest on the block and hails from Marcus Harvey’s BarberStar Posse.  Instead of stopping a side part at the crown of the head, this style extends the part all the way to the nape of the neck.  Beneath the extended part the hair is taken down to a skin fade.  Add personality and depth with a design.

Film by Jason Harper // Photography by Brandon King & Mari Sheibley // Words by Cassidy Blackwell  Models: Chris Wise & Michael Oloyede