Barbers are known for using their creative eye to create some of the most innovative cuts in the game. Whether or not they endure is up to us. Here are four trend cuts that have been making their mark on the scene today.


It’s been only in recent years that this punk-rock standard has made its way into the everyday textured hair scene.  The juxtaposition of curls and fade make this a remarkable cut.

Burst Fade

A typical fade pattern generally fades from the top down to the ear or the nape of the neck. The Burst Fade appears to do exactly that: BURST from the ears.  Achieved by creating a line of demarcation around the ear and fading in a circular pattern, this style also draws inspiration from the Mowhawk leaving length on top.

South of France

Usher is known for bringing this style to popularity, but it was his barber Curtis Smith of Xotics who was behind coming up with the style.  Sometimes referred to as a “4-Dimensional Fade” the South of France combines elements of a Mowhawk, Burst Fade, Taper Fade and Natural.

Film by Jason Harper // Photography by Brandon King & Mari Sheibley // Words by Cassidy Blackwell // Models: Jamel Merritt, Ajene Green & Justin Gerrard