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Beard Growth Goals + How To Reach Them This Winter

Words by Kathy Iandoli

Words by Kathy Iandoli

No Shave November has come and gone, but you’re still at it. Maybe you’re a beardy-come-lately or just a guy looking to achieve his ultimate beard growth when the weather is cold and flannel shirts are appropriate attire. Whatever you’re trying to do with your beard, the growth of it is probably way up there on the priority scale. Beard growth for some is a difficult process—one that requires constant care. It’s not impossible, though, and we have some tips to get your beard looking right. Here’s how to get your beard from baby to grown-up.


Don’t be annoyed by that word. Just embrace it. First and foremost, understand that there is no race to a full beard in a short span of time. The right looking beard will take a while to be cultivated. So before we even begin with some helpful tips, keep that in mind. Okay, proceed.


What you put into your body drastically effects what grows from your face. It’s a scientific fact. Stay well hydrated and eat a diet that consists mainly of vegetables, lean proteins and the right kinds of fruit. This natural approach to beard growth will also help your skin and your overall health. But really, we’re here to talk about beards, and a change in your diet is an excellent way to get it going.

Keep It Clean

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Shampooing, conditioning, and oiling your beard is the three-step maintenance that will surely assist in beard growth. There are a few quick tips depending on your hair and skin type. If your skin is dry and beard is coarse, opt for less washes a week, but condition and oil as needed. If your skin is oily and so is your beard, ease up on the beard oil, but make sure your beard is clean, as this will also help with skin breakouts. Make sure to massage your face as you wash it, since this too helps with beard growth. This regimen keeps your beard healthy, and well, a healthy beard is a growing beard.

Brush And Comb Your Beard

We can’t stress this one enough. When you brush your beard, you stimulate the follicles that not only assist in growth, but also keep your beard healthy and shiny. A Boar Bristle Brush is a great tool to use, but investigate which combs or brushes work best for you. Brush from top to bottom and from the sides of your beard to the center. Don’t brush too hard, keep it gentle so your beard knows you’re out for its best interests. This also sets the direction for your beard growth so you don’t end up with an unruly beard.

Bring On The Biotin

Biotin is a vitamin that many use to stimulate hair growth, and it works on facial hair too. It’s available at any health store, and can be safely taken daily. Other vitamins that help with hair growth are a B-complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and even Vitamin C. Eating more protein and iron-rich foods can also provide the vitamin boost you need for hair growth.

Say Yes To Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one oil that has been linked to beard growth. It’s the reason why many beard moisturizers come with eucalyptus. See? It wasn’t just for fragrance. If you’re particularly invested in growing out your beard, make sure to grab a moisturizer or beard oil that has eucalyptus in it.

Just Relax

Stress stunts hair growth. So just chill out—exercise, meditate, do some yoga—since that too can help your hair growth. When you’re all wound up, your beard will be too, so take it down a notch.