Words by Corey Chalumeau

While men in 2015 are taking more care of themselves than ever before even the most well-groomed gents are puzzled by spa-based skin treatments. We sat down with experienced esthetician extraordinaire, Seven Brown, owner of the recently-reopened Harlem Skin Clinic to talk about facials and why gents should incorporate them into their regular grooming practices.

School’s in session gents, read up:

Bevel Code: For the gents out there (including me) who want a facial but have no idea what exactly that entails, what’s it all about and what are these ‘extractions’ I’m hearing about?

Seven Brown: Let me fully explain the process. A facial includes a deep cleanse, a steam to open pores, an extraction (if needed) and lastly moisturizing. Now, regarding the process of getting an extraction, if you notice sometimes pimples have either a white head or if it’s still inflamed, it’ll have a red ring around it. To hurry the process, people are into popping them themselves. This is really bad for the skin because the force that you apply to pop it forces some of the bacteria outward, but some of it goes right back down into the pore.

Therefore an extraction is the intentional process of getting that bacteria out. We warm up the skin, whether it be with steam or a product that acts like a steam, to moisten the skin. Then I go in and extract the bacteria out. Keep in mind whoever does the facial should be extremely gentle, unlike a typical European facial, which tends to be on rougher side. A non-gentle extraction would lead to trauma, which then leads to the devil a.k.a hyper pigmentation. (editor’s note: more commonly known as dark spots!)

BC: What if a guy can’t get to esthetician like yourself and has a solid white head?

Seven Brown: The general rule of thumb is: if you’re going to attempt this on your own, the skin has to have more white than red. Red implies that it’s still inflamed. So if it happens to be more white than red, you can use two little Q-tips while in the shower or a steam filled room and apply a little pressure (snaps), it should come right out, if not, get professional help.

BC: So for the guys who are wondering what’s the difference between a getting a facial at a clinic vs. a spa. Can you break down what makes the experiences different?

Seven Brown: A spa can be very generic, it’s like picking something off a menu, like hmm I guess I’ll take the chocolate facial. A clinic is different because, I’m looking at your specific skin condition before I do anything. For example, you may come in and ask for the Game Face (facial), but I’m going to really study your skin and make sure that option is the best for your individual case.

BC: And lastly for that guy who read this and is now considering his first facial, what would the cost be on average?

Seven Brown: If he’s a teenager, we have a teenager facial, that’s about $45 dollars. For college students, it’ll be about $80 dollars. However, we have this – healthy skin plan, where the more you come, let’s say monthly for exactly 3 months, the cost is reduced significantly ($125 to $75 dollars per visit), and it’s not based on the facial, it’s whatever you need for $75 dollars. The reason I say 3 months, because within 90 to 120 days is when you see your biggest change.

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