Words by Barney Bishop

With the popularity Bevel’s double edged safety razor is receiving, you’re probably asking yourself, can I use it to shave my head. The answer is yes. There are however, a few things you’ll need to understand to make using it as simple and clean as possible.

If you thought your face was sensitive territory, your scalp is too. Think about it: we’re either washing it too frequently or not enough, using too much product in our hair or none at all and it receives great exposure to the sun. Any combination of these will surely heighten its sensitivity.

Like shaving your face, preparation is crucial. Start with a clean slate. Removal of dirt and sweat build up will make for a smoother surface and allow the blade to easily glide across your scalp. From here you want to build your protection.

Priming Oil

We know priming oil creates a smooth surface and traps in much needed moisture while protecting your skin from the blade, but this is even more important for your scalp. The skin’s sensitivity will make the scraping of your razor even more pronounced. That said: adding Bevel Priming Oil to your head shaving routine is essential to provide an extra layer of protection.

Man rubbing priming oil on head

Shaving Brush

Here’s a tip you may not have been given, use your Bevel Brush. Just like shaving your face, using a brush will create a frothy lather. When we wash our hair, we use our hands to massage in shampoo. We want to do more than massage in the shave cream. We need a great lather and for that a proper shave brush is recommended. The lather it creates will add the smooth glide we seek and believe it or not, it provides a cushion for your razor while lifting the hairs to make your shave even easier. Your scalp will thank you for this one.

For shaving cream, choose wisely. You maybe tempted to grab a bar of soap…don’t do it! The Bevel Shave Cream has Aloe, Vitamin A, E, and Shea Butter; these ingredients will not only moisturize your scalp, but will also provide the glide you need to avoid nicks and cuts.

man using Bevel Shaving Brush on head

Use a mirror

Make life easy; use a mirror. In shaving your head, you’re dealing with blind spots and weird angles. A mirror will help you compensate. Additionally, having a visual of the area you’re shaving will lessen the likelihood of cutting yourself.

Man looking into mirror shaving head with Bevel Razor


Some will tell you use short strokes; others will encourage long ones. We suggest shorter strokes, which are easier to keep super consistent. More important however is keeping the pressure consistent. We have a tendency to increase pressure as our blades become dull. If you’re shaving your head every few days and you’re using the same razor for your face, expect it will become duller quicker. The Bevel Shave System comes with enough blades that you can have a fresh blade every time or ever other time you shave your head, which will surely lessen the chances of nicks and cuts.

Man shaving head with a Bevel Razor

Be patient

Take it slow. With time the angles will become familiar and you’ll develop a technique. To avoid nicks and cuts, however, patience is key.

Man Shaving head with Bevel Razor