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Leave In Conditioner: What Is It and Why You Need It

Words by Chatel Theagene

man putting product in his hair

Words by Chatel Theagene

This is the point where we beat the drum and reiterate one of the more important aspects of caring for textured hair, and hands down it’s the often monumental task of maintaining moisture almost daily. Depending on hair type, you may even find that you lose moisture quicker than you’re able to replenish. But abiding by a rule-book when it comes to textured hair – or better yet, sticking to a solid game plan – is where a leave-in conditioner comes into play.

Not to be confused with your everyday rinse-out conditioners, leave-ins serve as stylers, detanglers and more importantly moisturizers that are just plain healthy for your hair. Still asking if this step is necessary for your routine? Here we’ll walk you through the Q&A’s of what you need to know.

Do I Really Need One?

One thing to remember is that textured hair soaks up every bit of extra TLC you can afford to fork over. And spreading the love by incorporating a leave-in conditioner to your routine, can add a much needed boost. So whether your hair is fine, thick or coarse, or you thrive on a low-key everyday routine. The TL;DR: it can’t hurt!

How Do I Use It?

The added bonus of having a leave-in condish within reach is that it’s multi-purpose, so the game is yours to play how you choose. A few suggestions:

• Right after you shampoo in place of your rinse-out conditioner
• When you’re in a rush and have no time to reach for your everyday styler
• As a detangler for hair that’s on the thicker side
• As a daily moisturizer

Do I Still Need A Styler?

Oftentimes the trick to successfully keeping hair moisturized is to partner up a few products and utilize a layering technique. Pairing a styling product with a leave-in conditioner to style gives hair the moisture it needs to easily last till your next wash.

Leaving the gym and have no time to properly condition? Adding a small bit of leave-in to your hair after shampooing can hold you over, as it can work both as a styling product and conditioner.
But can I use a leave-in conditioner in place of a regular rinse-out conditioner? The simple answer is yes! Multi-functional is the name of the game, and if you’re up for saving time in the upkeep department, this method’s for you.

How Do I Know What to Choose?

Most leave-in conditioners come in water based sprays or light weight creamy formulas, so it’s best to choose based on one’s hair texture. If hair is on the finer side, stick to ones that are water & nutrient based [OBIA His Hydration Spray $13.99]. Have more of a thick, coarse texture? Consider incorporating a creamier leave-in, while also pairing with your favorite styler [Oyin Handmade’s Hair Dew $13.99 ]