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Real Talk · Corey’s First Facial

Words by Corey Chalumeau

Images of Black man getting facial skin treatment

Words by Corey Chalumeau
Photography by Quinnton Harris

Let’s not pretend that a facial is commonplace in my grooming routine or a lot of gents for that matter, because it’s not. It’s a monumental step forward in any man’s grooming routine; therefore we at Bevel wanted to share this experience with you. After a few months of debate, we knew the only place that made sense (who I personally trusted), based on a prior visit, was the Harlem Skin Care and Laser clinic, which is owned and run by Seven Brown.

Image of Corey outside of Harlem Skin Clinic Image of Corey filling out form in Harlem Skin Clinic

So after filling out my form, within a few moments I was greeted by Seven, who promised I would love my skin after. I was like a little nervous to say the least; what if my handsome face, wasn’t so handsome after? But then I thought – hey what’s a man got to lose, right?

Image of Harlem Skin Clinic products Image of Seven Brown prepping for Corey's facial

Step 1 – The Cleanse

This is similar to when you wash your face at home. Except it feels way better and is a lot more thorough. Seven took to the time to really massage my face while cleansing, which helped stimulate the blood circulation in my face, and open pores.

Image of Black man getting facial skin treatment Image of Black man getting facial skin treatment

Step 2 – Analysis

Here’s what you don’t want do at this moment – lie! After cleansing, Seven began to examine my face under the light, and after a few seconds – she could tell me exactly what I engaged in the night before or over the past week. Even though you may put on make up, shave or even get a fresh cut to clean up your act, your face may still be telling a different story, which could be dehydration (a night over indulgence in drinks) or random breakouts (an unhealthy diet).

After she analyzed the situation (something that doesn’t happen when you get a spa facial), I could tell her what I thought I might need, but she knew, as the expert, exactly what I really needed, based on her through cleansing and observation. This is the difference between a facial at a spa – where you’ll tell them what you need- and a clinical facial – where the treatment is tailored to your skin.

Image of Black man getting face examined

Step 3 – Exfoliation + Mud Mask

Removing dead skin is the goal of the next step, and if you want to do it right leave it to the professionals. I’ve had my share of exfoliating troubles in the past, normally reaching for my go-to exfoliator, which often left my face inflamed, with future breakouts on the way. It was then while I was getting exfoliated the right way (which felt divine), Seven explained, that most exfoliators (even those that claim they do) don’t have the finest grains/beads to help shed away dead skin cells without the irritation, the bigger beads scratch up the skin, instead of merely exfoliating. Don’t end up like me, now that you know better, scrub better.

At this point in the facial, my pores have been opened, my skin has been studied, and skin cells have been scrubbed away. What could be next? How about a mud mask, the mask is designed to lift up all the dirt and grime that gets stuck in your pores, because your daily cleanser just can’t reach it. After about 5-10 minutes the mask is rubbed off with a warm towel.

Image of Black man getting facial treatment DSC_8080 Image of Black man getting facial treatment

Step 4 + 5 – Some Peeling and Lots of Moisture

Just when I thought it was over. Seven insisted on a treatment that would help improve my skin for the long haul, it was a light peel – and before you freak out (because I almost did), it’s nothing to worry about. It involved 2% lactic acid, which is extremely gentle. I felt a slight tingling sensation a few seconds after application, but it disappeared just as quick.

I was then finished off with a super-hydrating eye gel, and moisturizing serum from SkinCeuticals.

Image of Seven Brown applying moisture Image of Black man getting facial treatment Image of Black man getting facial treatment

7 Days Later // The Results

My complexion has improved, my skin appears less oily, and my breakouts have calmed down. I would have to say getting a facial was a success, but more importantly I didn’t experience any weird side effects, like a rash or unnecessary irritation. My advice, stop putting this off, and take care of your face the way it deserves to be – with a facial.