Words by Barney Bishop

The 3 P’s of shaving: preparation, practice and patience.

The idea of shaving can be daunting, especially for someone considering trying it for the first time. Once you compartmentalize the act, however, you’ll quickly learn that it’s more than manageable. To take the fear of out it, consider the 3 P’s of shaving: preparation, practice and patience. To get you prepared for the act, your Priming Oil is an important part to achieving the perfect shave.

Image of man applying the Bevel Priming Oil

Rub anything over a surface enough times and that friction is bound to cause a reaction. Add something sharp to the equation and that surely ups the ante. In the case of shaving, that friction can cause razor burn, an itchy burning sensation that can be rather irritable. Priming Oil is an important part of the shaving process, especially beneficial if you have sensitive skin, because it provides a protective barrier designed to keep your skin soft. Additionally, this extra lubrication locks in moisture, softens your facial hair and allows your blade to easily glide across your face thus eliminating the dragging that can cause razor burn.

To get the most out of your Priming Oil usage, first thoroughly wash your face with warm water and your choice of facial cleanser. Apply a few drops of oil to the palm of your hands and after rubbing your hands together, massage into your beard. Be sure to evenly apply it to the shaving area and allow it to rest on your face for about a minute. This allows the oil to set into your beard and really soften the hair.

Pouring Bevel Priming Oil into hands

The Bevel Priming Oil is formulated with lavender, olive and castor oil to soften the skin and prevent those nicks, tugs and pulls of the blade that can cause irritation and cuts. We recommend applying a flat nickel-sized amount of oil to your skin each and every time before you shave. Applying a hot towel will only help the oil do its job even better as well as give you more of a luxury feeling in your shaving routine.

The bottom line is your Priming Oil is an essential part of the shaving equation. Add it to the mix for a smoother, irritation free shave.

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