Whether you’re a newbie to beard growing or you’ve been rocking a beard for some time, beard itch is annoying af for anyone. It’s easy to feel irritated with the prickly feeling brushing against your skin and it’s also tempting to shave it all off to relieve your pain. Whether you have dry skin or you’re growing out the hair on your face for the first time, there are a ton of reasons that can explain the itch you feel.

Unlike other parts of your body, your beard grows thicker and more abundantly than it does on your head (thanks to testosterone). Because of this, it’s more susceptible to getting itchy if you’re not being particularly smart about your beard care routine. The great news is that you can relieve your beard itch, even without returning to a bare chin. Here are three smart and simple ways to get it done.

Wash and Exfoliate Your Face

Dead skin cells can easily clog up your pores, and when your hair is trying to grow through these pores, it can cause an itchy situation. Also, your dry skin can keep your beard shampoo, conditioner, and other products that you use to care for your beard away from its roots. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly clean your beard to remove these dead skin cells. Exfoliation can help with removing dead skin cells, too. Instead of skipping out on this step, take time to wash your face and exfoliate before you begin your beard maintenance routine so you can keep the itchiness at bay.

Keep The Body Hydrated

Dry skin is the number one offender that leads to beard itch, and staying hydrated is key to keeping you from feeling like a human cactus. If you don’t drink enough water, it makes it easier for the skin underneath your beard to dry out. Consider tackling this problem from the inside-out and apply a simple and smart way to prevent dry skin by increasing your water intake to stay hydrated.

Also, staying too long in a hot shower can cause dry skin, so keep the heat to a minimum. Take the opportunity to wash your beard while in the shower to keep it clean from bacteria and the beard dandruff that can often clog up your pores.

Condition Your Beard

Just as women take time to moisturize their hair with hair-softening products, such as the FORM Hydrate moisturizing conditioner, you should take time to show your beard a little TLC, too. Not only does a moisturizing conditioner soften your hair, but it makes it healthy as well. Soften the beard daily by using a conditioner or beard oil designed to moisturize the hair, such as the Bevel Priming Oil. Also, if you tend to get itchy at night, calm the itch down by moisturizing before you go to sleep.

Beat Beard Itch

Beating beard itch calls for making some smart moves to keep your skin clean and your beard moisturized. It all boils down to keeping your skin, body, and hair hydrated and properly maintained to prevent dry skin. You can do it all without resorting to getting rid of your beard, too. When you apply these beard itch relief tips, it’s fully possible to beat beard itch and be the boss of all bosses you always knew you were. #beardgang