When the Bevel Trimmer was first introduced, we knew we were on to something big. It was a product that catapulted BEVEL from a shaving company to a full-fledged grooming phenomenon, and over the years, helped bring together a community of hair enthusiasts, master barbers, and regular everyday people that continue to support our vision for creating products that actually work for Black skin and hair. That brings us to today with the next evolution of the Bevel Trimmer. And it’s a beautiful one…

A New Era

At a glance, the Bevel Trimmer in limited-edition Black goes OD—in the freshest way possible—with its blacked-out design on the outer shell and all throughout the removable blade and battery unit. It also maintains the revolutionary form factor of the previous generation, but now in a cleaner, more bold aesthetic that perfectly embodies how a best-in-class trimmer ought to look.

bevel trimmer limited edition blackbevel trimmer limited edition blackAside from the cosmetics, we also put in some serious work underneath the hood. The next generation Bevel Trimmer now includes up to 8 hours of on-time battery life, with 180 days of standby time. For every traveler out there that relies on a cordless trimmer to stay fresh on extended trips. For the professional barber that went goes through the agony and inconvenience of recharging their trimmer mid-shift. This one’s for you.

bevel trimmer limited edition blackbevel trimmer limited edition blackTo keep blades from overheating, we’ve taken the already-stellar performance of the first generation Trimmer and made even more improvements to its ability to run cooler than the competition. The end result? A trimmer that not only keeps its cool but also runs quieter and maintains the ability to cut the precise lines that you expect from Bevel.

The Bevel Trimmer changed the game with its revolutionary snap on/off blade design that allowed for quick blade adjustment up to zero gap. And this time around, it’s cooler, quieter, and lasts longer than ever before.

So, who’s got the juice now?

The next-generation Bevel Trimmer in limited-edition Black. Available now.