Everyone has their own personal style and flavor, which is why the holidays are never a one-size-fits all situation. The Bevel Man, for instance, isn’t one concerned with quantity over quality. We’re here to bless y’all with the broad strokes that’ll be sure to hit the mark if you’re hunting for the perfect gift(s) this season for a husband/partner/family member/friend/colleague/etc.

For the Well Read

If ya mans is about his knowledge, then it’s a pretty safe bet that he’ll appreciate some fresh reading material. Now, you could take a stab at purchasing some select titles for him or a gift certificate, but if you’re looking for that next-level, you could try signing him up for a book subscription, like Book of the Month or Culture Carton Book Club. These services hand pick some of the hottest releases from preferred genres and deliver on a monthly basis. As if you needed any more reminders that we’re all about that subscription life.

For the Cocktail Kings

If the guy you’re gifting to is a drink connoisseur that’s always putting you on to unheard-of, masterfully crafted cocktails, some drink-mixing aids will always be the go-to gift for their arsenal. Standard gifts like an encyclopedia of different drink recipes or a bartender’s tool kit, and some fine tequila, whiskey, or gin are gifts few drink-lovers could turn down. Everyone goes for the surface-level options here, but if you want to go a bit more out of the ordinary, you can throw in some extras like cocktail botanicals and spices, homemade brewing or distilling kits, unique liquor storage units, and the like. Let this fool know know that you pay attention to detail.

For the Beard Barons

Guys who rock beards are a different breed. When it comes to facial hair care, it’s tricky to find full-bodied products to hydrate all-day without leaving that sticky feeling. Moisturizers like Bevel Beard Balm keep those beard hairs (and the skin underneath) well-hydrated and silky smooth. Best of all, they do so without irritants like petroleum jelly, and without leaving their beard looking like a greasy mess. Couple that with a sturdy-bristled brush and a good trimmer, and they’ll have just about everything they need to keep their beard at the apex of perfection. (Did we mention that Beard Balm doubles as a moderate pomade for waves and other hairstyles? It’s an easy 1-2 punch here, folks.)

For the Style Bros

Guys who have a reputation for stepping out, drippin’ usually like to stay that way, so why not consider some fashionable selects to add to the rotation? Winter is here, so you can’t go wrong with warm basics and layering options like gloves, beanies, and wool socks. You’ll want to avoid gifting pieces of clothing that are too bold, like bright colored jackets and trendy pants, this especially true if you’re dealing with a style aficionado or somebody who might be considered more ‘stylish’ than you—the goal here being to cop basic pieces that can be worn more universally or considered classics.

For the Tech Buffs

Most guys nowadays love at least a bit of gadgetry in their lives, so gifting tech is always a shoe-in. For the guy that’s into grooming and and tech, the Bevel Trimmer is the top flight choice here for it’s cordless and quick zero-gap capabilities alone (and that’s just scratching the surface).

For music-lovers, new headphones or bluetooth home speakers never disappoint, and if they’re into the whole smart home movement, gadgets like Google Home and Hue Smart Lights are a natural choice. For the gamers, consider some new hardware (if they don’t already have it) like an upgraded laptop and VR headset, like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

For the Outdoorsmen

For the fellas that love the great outdoors, consider gifts that’ll aid them in their jaunts into nature, like camping gear, cookware, backpacks and similar items. If you know they have a specific outdoor hobby, say fishing or mountain biking, you can get items that are applicable to that activity (lures, new bike handles, a bike washing kit, etc.), and for outdoorsmen of all stripes, a GPS-enabled smartwatch, like the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch will always come in handy, Especially if it also has a fitness monitor and data-capabilities built-in.