Words by Tyrus Townsend

There used to be a myth that men hate to shop. In 2018, it’s safe to say that the internet and social media have given way for a drastic upswing in style purchases amongst males all over the world – e-commerce being instrumental to it all. According to an IBIS World 2017 report, the online men’s clothing industry had surged upward over the past five years. Increasing internet usage as a result of broadband connection and smartphone growth has grown the industry’s overall revenue as consumers turn online to shops for a greater range of clothing items and to more effectively compare prices. In layman’s terms: internet accessibility is responsible for impulse and studied purchases.

The social media landscape is on fuego with street snaps of Instagram influencers and notable high-profile names like Kanye West, Jaden Smith, and A$AP Rocky, who act as trendsetters of how to properly wear and coordinate high fashion/low fashion, formalwear/streetwear, and every other accessory in between. The subsequent need to visit a brick and mortar is slowly becoming an outdated practice, due in part to hectic lifestyles – this is where the convenience of online shopping comes into the forefront. The internet has proven to be a godsend to fashion; being able to turn on your smartphone or laptop, point to your favorite e-commerce site in the browser, place an order, and ultimately receive your package (sometimes with a personalized note) without so much as a tap of the finger. It’s a win-win situation. Online commerce in the fashion world is about brand discovery, style education, and where one can be bold and liberated. So much time is spent browsing online that it makes perfect sense to shop there as well.

These sites represent a vast demographic that crave affordable (sometimes high-end) garments, the latest grooming products, the next big tech accessories, that trendy pair of trainers, and everything else that goes with the territory. Consider this your push for a more stylish, warm season. For the Bevel Man, these are our favorite online shops that you can’t miss for spring 2018.

1. Mr. Porter

One of the best in the market, Mr. Porter is a leading global retailer with more than 300 international brands from 170 countries featuring apparel, footwear, accessories and grooming products that are well-curated and specialized for each and every type of gentleman. Plus their journal is an editorial dream.
mr porter online shops menswear mens fashion lifestyle


This high-end retailer offers the best in streetwear and independent designs. SSENSE stocks an incredible variety of labels and is fantastic for finding all your favorite brands in one place.
ssense online shops menswear mens fashion lifestyle

3. Selfridges

Considered a heritage retailer, Selfridges always provides a fresher, more contemporary vibe than any other site to date. A destination for millennials (and those young at heart) expect to see the latest trends and, if you are ever in London, pop into the shop and experience superior British customer service.
selfridges online shops menswear mens fashion lifestyle

4. Uniqlo

For those who want a simpler, minimal life, Japanese brand Uniqlo is the destination for you. Affordable, modern pieces from shirting to knitwear to accessories are housed here. Plus, their collaborations with JW Anderson, Opening Ceremony, and Jil Sander have pushed fashionistos into a world where quality and price balance each other out.
uniqlo online shops menswear mens fashion lifestyle

5. Farfetch

Established luxury brands from up-and-coming designers are what sets Farfetch from other digital destinations. Claiming to have the world’s largest selection of luxury good, thanks to international boutiques, your next high-end purchase is just a click away.
farfetch online shops menswear mens fashion lifestyle

6. Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion is the intersection of modern shopping and confident global fashion clientele. With over 25 years’ in the game and more than 400 brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Vetements this site delivers to over 170 countries and even offers in-store shopping at their London No.23 private townhouse for a more hands-on experience.
matches fashion online shops menswear mens fashion lifestyle

7. Oki-Ni

A pioneer in curating directional and innovative menswear, Oki-Ni has redefined how we shop in the digital age. Since 2001 this site has offered rare and underground products to customers across the world. Look for finds from Valentino, Thom Browne, and others to satisfy your luxury shopping needs.
oki-ni online shops menswear mens fashion lifestyle