Words by Jared Michael Lowe

We’ve heard this time and time again: men of color are likely to experience razor bumps more than guys of other ethnicities. In fact, 80% of men who get razor bumps are black. Due to our naturally curly and sinewy hair, when shaving close to the skin’s surface, hair follicles curl back and re-enter the skin as they grow, creating ingrown hairs. And so the story goes, with ingrown hairs come you guessed it razor bumps aka pseudofolliculitis barbae (as it’s medically named).

Ask any guy, and they’ll tell you that razor bumps are the bane of our existence. They’re unsightly and if left untreated over time, can cause keloid scarring in the beard and neck area. It’s enough to want to put down the razor indefinitely and embrace becoming a wooly mammoth for all of eternity. But before you do away with the razor, here’s some simple grooming tips to keep your skin smooth and refreshed, and correctly treat ingrown hairs.

Pre Shave

Shaving requires more than a meek rinse and a couple of swipes of a razor. Proper pre-shave treatment should include cleansing and softening of the beard. Using a gentle face wash, lubricate the skin with natural and essentials oils that will allow a precise and easy cut. Made with castor, lavender, and olive oils, Bevel’s Priming Oil naturally soothes and preps the skin for a smooth shave.

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You’ve probably heard this from your barber a thousand times: “Go with the grain.” This is especially applied for shaving along your beard and necklines. While shaving upward appears to give a closer shave, it’s best to shave in the hair’s direction as to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs. Don’t pull or stretch the skin while shaving as it can cause inflammation. Also, avoid from shaving everyday to every other day, as it will allow the skin to heal and replenish. Finally, it’s best not to shave if razor bumps exists and to do so once they’ve healed up as it can lead to painful irritation and scarring.

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Post Shave

To seal the deal and preserve the sexy, it’s imperative to follow with an after–shave solution that contains alcohol free solutions that won’t dry out the skin. Bevel’s Restoring Balm helps exfoliate and hydrates while evening out skin tones. Buh bye dark spots and ash, hello vibrancy.

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