Words and photography by Aundre Larrow

A while back, I started doing a portrait series called #itsagoodlook to offer a glimpse into the codes that the everyday guy lives by. We decided to bring the series back to Bevel Code each Friday to give you some inspiration for the weekend.

Whether it’s grooming, fashion or in life; these are just a few of the qualities that define our culture. That’s the goal of our features section; to shine a light on the attainability of any lifestyle through hard work and discipline. In the end, these codes are meant to inspire you to be your best self.

Every Bevel Man Has A Code.
Maintain promises.

Support local business.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Bevel Code: What or who inspires your style?

Sam: For the “what,” clean lines and obscurity. I like a small sense of humor grounded in minimalist fashion when it comes to clothes. For the “who,” I think it’s a small nod to Ray Petri mixed with rap groups from the 90’s. Weird- or maybe it’s not, I like it.

BC: What are your fashion rules?

Sam: Make your statement, but ground it with a staple. It brings the story together. It reminds me of the Diana Vreeland documentary, The Eye Has To Travel. I say, let the fashion take you on a journey, but remember to always let your style bring it home.

Sam Coffie in DUMBO

Sam Coffie in DUMBO

BC: Why this haircut?

Sam: It’s simple. The cut is clean (the staple), and the lines add a small bit of pop (the fashion). Besides that, I was literally listening to Illmatic and I was like, “I want a Nas cut“. I had the waves, but decided to go lower.

BC: Talk about your hair journey.

Sam: “Around the world in 80 waves.” And as I say this, I think I want to copyright it, lol. I was a firm believer in the high top natural, faded around the sides. But in time, I go for what’s easier to manage but still shows a bit of personal style. So I went lower, added lines. And I wasn’t the biggest on shaving at first, but I like to keep my beard in tact. So I gotta keep it together somehow.

Sam Coffie in DUMBO

Sam Coffie in DUMBO
BC: What does your barber mean to you?

Sam: A LOT! I see him every week. It’s a personal relationship. A barber can be a therapist without the words sometimes. The wonders of what a fresh fade can do. Besides that, I trust him enough that if I fall asleep from the hypnotic buzz of the clippers, I won’t wake up to any surprises!

BC: What does NY mean to you? How do you feel when you are there?

Sam: New York is where I really solidified my adulthood. I learned my hustle, my voice, my determination. I began to know the most about myself; and it feels great! Chicago will always be home. I think it’s where I birthed the swag. New York is where I’m raising it.

BC: Why is self expression important?

Sam: Because without self, you won’t know success, that one thing that stands out about you can be the key to changing your life. Don’t fight the feeling.

BC: What gives you a sense pride?

Sam: That I’m living. I’m breathing. I can look each day in the face, whether tough or easy and say, “I’ll finish you by time tonight.” And I start all over again. Because the hardest thing to do some days for a lot of folks, is to get up. I at least managed to win half that battle.

Sam Coffie in DUMBO
BC: Why did you choose to become a designer?

Sam: Watching my mom make clothes for my sister, brother, and I. Especially during Black History Month at church. Dashikis were on deck. With the matching hat and pants!!!

BC: How do design and fashion compliment each other?

Sam: There’s a form to fashion lol. I think they compliment each other in one way: change. It’s constant.

BC: What goals do you have in the coming year?

Sam: Working on launching my brand. I’m excited about it. Keeping it vague because ninja moves are always best before the storm.