Words by Dwight Hill

Whether you’re a recent graduate, or a seasoned professional looking for something fresh, job interviews are a lot like first dates: making a good first impression counts for a lot. So before you step foot into that next interview, take a step back, and reassess your whole approach, from personal grooming down to the fit you’re rocking, here’s a few interview style tips to be equipped with.

Read the Crowd

Not all interviews are created equal. If you’re shooting for an entry-level position at tech company, the atmosphere is going to be wildly different than if you were interviewing at a fashion magazine or a financial institution. Reading the company, and its respective industry, is clutch in figuring out exactly which interview style fits best.

Check out the company website or scour through company social media pages to see if you can get a feel for company culture. If you wanna dive deeper, you could connect with current employees on LinkedIn or email them directly to get a better idea of how things operate, prior to the day you interview. It’ll reduce the risk of feeling like you’ve under or overdressed for the occasion and will at least give you a slight glimpse at what you’re getting yourself in for.

Find Your Fit

It’s easy to throw on that hand-me-down suit you’ve had since freshman year of college, but your body has probably changed (for better or worse) since then. Go get measured by a local tailor or seamstress to find out exactly where you stand sartorially.

The more up-to-date your measurements, the better equipped you’ll be when it comes time to shop for something new. Make sure to try on everything you plan on buying first. Blindly grabbing pieces because “they look cool” puts you at risk of bringing home something that doesn’t fit right, which interviewers can–and will probably–notice.

Consult the Grooming Gods

Nailing proper interview style means more than just throwing on your best suit and tie. You need to make sure the rest of you is on point, too. Once your interview is set, hit up your barber for a visit a few days beforehand.

A professional cut and shave will have you standing out from the crowd quicker than any fancy suit could do, so make it a top priority on your list. If you have any other hair or skincare routines, stick to those, too. Making a good first impression means your look should also compliment your skill set.

Your style should always be an extension of your personality, and sending the right signals is as simple as wearing something that’s both fashionable and functional. Ultimately, the impression you leave your interviewers with will influence who they decide to hire in the end, so you might as well bring your A-game in every aspect, right?