Everyone uses a watch for more ways than simply just telling the time. And yes, we have seen our fair share of different varieties – from ones that are overly encrusted with diamonds to ones with a million confusing dials that nobody really knows the true meaning of anyways.

When it comes to selecting a watch, it’s important to match it accordingly to your particular lifestyle. Do you wear a suit and tie to work everyday? Do you do a fair bit of daily physical activity? Or maybe you’re typical day-to-day life is a casual and simple one? These are all factors which eventually tie-in to making the proper decision.



Versatility is king

Typically found in various shades of silver, gold, or black, metal watches are the most common among men and for good reason. A proper metal watch has the indistinguishable ability to work with a formal tweed suit, a casual sweater, and also alternatively, on a beach with swim shorts and a t-shirt. A timeless watch that avoids trendy contouring and shapes can ultimately be a staple within anyone’s accessories bank for years, even decades.


Wear a watch according to the seasons

With spring and summer in tow, it’s worth considering a grosgrain strap watch instead of a leather or metal band. And no, this doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing an entirely new watch either – several classic men’s watches contain straps that can easily be swapped with grosgrain alternatives from places like Brooks Brothers or online at Smart Turnout.


Keep it classic and understated

A vintage watch with a leather strap or a seemingly old-fashioned timepiece such as a Cartier Tank is perfect in conjunction with fresh modern streetwear/menswear. Instead of being a loud-and-proud piece, this is the sort of accessory that can essentially function as an anchor for your entire ensemble, giving your style a great sense of cool, calm, and collectiveness. The earth-tones are the key component for this look.



Avoid going too sporty when you’re not doing sports

It is fully possible to wear a sports watch with formal wear, but do so with caution. In dressier attire, for instance, a canvas sport timepiece works fine. But a rubberized watch that has the ability to track your heart rate and is angularly contoured for sports? With the wrong attire, that sort of choice will certainly leave you looking uncoordinated on whole new level. Save the rubberized timepieces for more casual and toned down outfits.

Whatever watch choices you make, know that the cellphone has not replaced the watch as the official mobile clock. A good watch is truly the mark of a man’s aesthetic and has the ability to put the final punctuation on any well put-together outfit.