Bevel Essential Disposable Razor

Bevel Essential Disposable Razor

Helps Glide to Reduce Irritation

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Bevel Essential Disposable Razor
Bevel Essential Disposable Razor
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The Bevel Essential Disposable Safety Razor helps prevent nicks, tugs, and bumps by carefully removing hair from the skin’s surface. Our disposable razor handle is made with 45% wheat straw, a plant derived alternative to common plastics. Preloaded with our stainless steel Bevel double edge blades, the Bevel Essential Safety Razor delivers the quality shave you expect in a convenient disposable form.


After applying Bevel Clear Shave Gel or Bevel Shave Cream, hold the head of the razor against your skin at about a 30° angle. Tilt the handle until the blade just touches your skin. Apply gentle pressure to maintain contact with your skin to prevent tugging and pulling as you shave. Keep your glides short and don’t forget to always shave in the direction your hair is growing. When the blades start feeling dull, it's time for a fresh Bevel Essential Disposable Razor. Dispose used razor in your trash bin.

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