Premium Safety Razor with 10 Double-Edged Razor Blades

Limited Edition Black

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No more bumps. Our single blade Safety Razor shaves at skin level, helping to prevent nicks, tugs, and bumps by carefully removing hair from the skin’s surface, instead of uprooting hair beneath it like some multi-blade razors. The best part? Our sleek, brass weighted razor is easy to clean, comes with ten complimentary blades, and does away with the cheap feel and lifetime cost of disposable razors.

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Always hold the Safety Razor at about a 30° angle. Holding the logo on the head against your skin, tilt the handle until the blade just touches your skin. Be easy and let the weight of the razor do the work, don’t apply pressure. Keep your glides short and don’t forget to always shave in the direction your hair is growing.

Changing Blades

You should always use a new blade for a new shave. Using dull blades can cause tugging, irritation and razor bumps, among other issues. If you have coarse hair or a thick beard, multiple blade changes may be needed during a single shave. Includes: Safety Razor and 10 of our very own razor blades.

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It proved to me you didn't need 5 blades & pivot gliding to get a good smooth shave!
Craig Kelley

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