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Soak Shave Brush under hot water for at least 20 seconds to saturate before lathering. Give one strong flick of the wrist to remove excess water and squeeze a nickel-sized amount of Shave Cream onto the brush. Apply shave cream in a strong circular motion directly to hair and skin until lather is achieved.


After shaving, rinse lather from your brush with warm or hot water. Once thoroughly clean, rinse once more with cold water. Shake vigorously to remove excess water. Hang upside down or set aside to air dry. For deeper cleaning, you can use a gentle shampoo. *It takes a few months of regular use for any brush to break in. Slight hair shedding and softened brush tips are natural for brushes.

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Hey they are good for everybody too, so don't be afraid to buy no matter what race you are.
Jesse Shultz

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The Bevel Difference

Why Bevel?

Shaving with the Bevel Safety Razor is the safest, easiest and most cost-effective way to groom. Here’s why.

  Bevel Multi-blade Depilatory
For coarse and curly hair Yes No Yes
Helps prevent razor bumps Yes No Yes
Helps reduce tug and pull Yes No Yes
Non-toxic Yes Yes No
Designed from end-to-end Yes No No
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