Shave Brush


  • Premium-grade badger shave brush
  • Whips a creamy lather and exfoliates your skin
  • Lifts hairs for an effortless shave
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  • Creates a rich lather

    With vigorous strokes, the brush spreads hydrating shave cream evenly across your face.

  • Lifts & softens

    With each stroke the badger brush lifts and prepares the hairs for a superior shave.

  • Gently exfoliates

    Using a shave brush gently exfoliates your skin, helping remove impurities.

  • How-to-use

    Start by soaking your brush bristles in hot running water for about 20 seconds. Give it one strong flick to remove excess water. Squeeze a nickel-sized amount of shave cream onto the brush.

    Apply the shave cream in a strong circular motion.

    Pro Tip:

    It takes a few months of regular use for any badger brush to break in. Slight hair shedding and softened brush tips are natural progressions for badger brushes.