Bevel Trimmer


  • 4+ hours of cordless power
  • Zero-gap in just seconds with Bevel Dial
  • Includes Bevel Blade, charger, blade oil, microfiber bag & brush

Shaping A New Legacy

What You Get

Bevel Blade
Battery Pack with hidden hook
Bevel Trimmer
with Bevel Blade, battery pack, and hidden hook
Blade Oil
Microfiber Bag
Charging Cable & Adapter


  • Quick Adjustment

    No screwdrivers or hardware needed. Simply snap the blade off, and adjust to zero gap.

  • Consistent Power

    With or without a cord, the Bevel Trimmer maintains the same power and precision.

  • Easy Cleaning

    Blade designed to repel dirt, oil and build-up that can lead to irritation.

  • Perfect Balance

    Weighted for optimal in-hand balance so you can easily maneuver while you cut.

  • Cool to the Touch

    Runs cooler than other trimmers so you can hold the trimmer comfortably and securely.

  • Superior Control

    Soft-touch grip & custom-faceted body allow superior control & 360° non-slip handling.

  • Zero-Gap on speed dial

    Tired of having to go find tools and a flat edge to adjust your trimmer blades? So were we. Our innovative Bevel Dial allows you to adjust your trimmer blades to a zero-gap alignment quickly.

    Pro Tip:

    Take the blade off of your razor and adjust the gap between the cutting blade and guide blade a few times until you find a length that gives you a shave you love without irritating your skin.

    Tech Specs

  • 6000+

    Cutting Strokes/minute

  • 4+

    Hours of constant power

  • 60 days

    Standby time

  • 4x

    Less vibration

  • 360°

    Non-slip grip

  • 0 Gap

    In seconds