Bevel Trimmer

Bevel Trimmer

Up to 8 hours of cordless power

Bevel Trimmer (Black)
Bevel Trimmer (Black)
A crowd favorite — our tried and true Bevel Trimmer covers the basics and more, earning a permanent counter spot. Up to zero gap, no tools required, and crisp fades for the rest of your days.

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Build Your Bundle
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Premium Limited Edition Design

The Bevel Beard Trimmer for Men features a sleek black cordless design, offering a modern and sophisticated look to elevate your grooming routine.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

With an impressive 8-hour rechargeable battery life, this trimmer ensures uninterrupted grooming sessions, allowing you to achieve your desired style effortlessly.

Zero Gapped Blade

Our tool-free adjustable zero gapped blade provides ultimate precision and control, allowing you to achieve a perfectly groomed beard, mustache, or any desired style with ease.

Professional Barber Supplies

Designed with the expertise of professional barbers in mind, this trimmer is equipped with high-quality materials and advanced features to deliver salon-like results from the comfort of your home.

Versatile Mustache Trimmer

The Bevel Beard Trimmer is not just limited to beards. It also serves as a versatile mustache trimmer, enabling you to maintain clean lines and well-defined facial hair for a polished look.

#BEVELBLADE in action

The Bevel Difference

Why Bevel?

The Bevel Trimmer out performs the competition. Here’s why.

BEVEL Trimmer Other Trimmers
Up to 8 hours of cordless power Yes No
Up to 180 days standby time Yes No
Adjust without tools Yes No
Stays cool during prolonged use Yes No
360º non-slip handling Yes No

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